Facility Description for Grant

Mass Spectrometry

    Waters Synapt G2-Si Q-TOF mass spectrometer with ion mobility coupled to a Waters I-class UPLC. Used for untargeted metabolomics analysis including secondary metabolites and lipidomics. With collision cells before and after the mobility cell, this instrument is also useful for the characterization of unknowns, as time-assisted parallel fragmentation can be performed to generate pseudo MS3 spectra.
    Waters G2-XS Q-TOF mass spectrometer coupled to a Waters H-class UPLC with a fractionation manager. Used for untargeted metabolomics and lipidomics analysis, as well as targeted metabolite analysis where high-resolution MS is needed. The cooled fractionation manager allows for the collection of up to 96 fractions from a single sample, enabling both targeted metabolite fractionation and a high-throughput workflow for activity-guided fraction characterization.
    Waters TQ-XS triple quadrupole mass spectrometer coupled to a Waters two-dimensional I-class UPLC. Used for targeted metabolomics and lipidomics analyses including central carbon metabolism, oxylipins, and phytohormones. The 2D UPLC allows for at-column dilutions of metabolite extracts and online SPE, improving sensitivity for many low-level metabolites.
     Thermo Scientific ISQ 7000 GC-MS system maximizes laboratory efficiency and productivity through increased robustness to fulfill the analytical needs. The comprehensive NIST mass spectral library that identifies metabolites by providing reference mass spectra makes GC-MS a successful platform for targeted and non-targeted metabolomics. The system coupled with liquid and headspace technology progressively increases the capacity for detecting metabolites in solid and liquid samples.

Sample Preparation

Freeze dryer with trays for bulk drying (removal of water from tissue for homogenization, concentrate water samples)

Cooled bead mill homogenizer, 7 mL or 1.5 mL tubes (tissue homogenization)

Ultrasonic water bath (metabolite extraction, cell wall disruption)

Centrifuge, rotors for 1.5 mL tubes and plates (pellet protein and insoluble material)

48-position heated nitrogen evaporator (concentrate metabolite extracts or fractions)